Our Offerings


Community Sound Healing

We have been hosting free bi-weekly community sound healings since 2016 in Los Angeles and Long Beach. They are held every other Sunday and include a meditation, sound bath, and a vegan potluck to close. These are always open to all beings and we encourage everyone to bring their friends and family! These sound baths are completely donation based. To find out when our next date and location is, please check out our Instagram page.


Community Healing Gatherings

In May of 2018, we hosted our first Community Healing event. We took our normal sound healing sessions and expanded them, welcoming in all modalities of natural healing. Our intention is to promote conscious living, and bring together open-hearted individuals who feel their souls calling for sacred community, raising the vibration and collective consciousness on this planet. Like our community sound healings, we encourage you to bring your friends and family. The days consist of Sound Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Interactive Workshops, Lectures, Art, Live Music Performances, Vegan Food, Children's activities and an opportunity to connect with others, the earth and most importantly yourself. We are so grateful for our community that continues to grow and evolve as one cosmic family.  Much love and many blessings.


Giving Back

We are so blessed to be alive and supported by the universe in this time. We have many advantages that we may take for granted and feel that it is important to share our blessings with our brothers and sisters that may not be as receptive to the universe's abundance at this time. We organize different drives for the homeless communities throughout Los Angeles.